Well Shit Fire, Save The Matches

26. Fat. Body Mods. Pansexual. GOOD music. Loud Mouthed. Comics. An amalgamation of white trash and Hispanic heritage. Caught somewhere between a hillbilly and a punk. Godless. Video Games. Boobs. Horror. Art. Insomnia. 937.
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Suck it, nerds.

Suck it, nerds.

I can’t help but become irate when I think about how fucking easy you got it, while I have to do all the dirty work. Fuck you, die.

Anonymous asked: Oh really? :(

Why a sad face? Who are you?

Anonymous asked: Who's your biggest crush atm

I really don’t have any crushes. I just really haven’t thought about it. I’m more focused on my son and getting all the super important stuff in order. Sahwee.


Do any of my followers live in Huntingtom, WV? I’m trying to go to the Weedeater show at the V Club on the 8th but don’t wanna go alone! Who’s in?